Arrival of Hope Chisanu’s remains marks a sombre day

Uncle Bembelezi

The arrival of Hope Chisanu’s remains at Kamuzu International Airport today Tuesday, July 2, 2024, marked a poignant moment for his family, friends, and colleagues. 

Chisanu, a former employee of MBC who departed in 2023, was remembered for his dedication to journalism and his contributions to uncovering hidden truths in the media.

Among those present at the airport was Dalitso Kabambe of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), who expressed deep sadness at Chisanu’s untimely passing. “It is a tragic loss for us all,” Kabambe remarked solemnly. 

He highlighted Chisanu’s role in shedding light on important issues that demanded public attention.

Kabambe’s presence at the airport was part of a busy schedule, having attended another funeral before Chisanu’s arrival. “I came directly from another funeral,” he mentioned, emphasizing the demanding nature of the day. 

Following his duties in Lilongwe, Kabambe is scheduled to travel to Balaka to pay his respects at the funeral of Lucius Banda, further underscoring the challenging circumstances of the day.

Hope Chisanu, who attended Dzenza Secondary School in Lilongwe, leaves behind a legacy of journalistic integrity and dedication to truth. 

His passing has not only saddened those who knew him but also serves as a reminder of the significant impact individuals can have through their work in the media.

As Chisanu’s remains are prepared for their final journey home, the nation mourns the loss of a passionate journalist and advocates for transparency.

*This article is a tribute to the life and work of Hope Chisanu, capturing the sentiments and reflections of those present at his final arrival.


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