Kalindo advises UTM members that home is best

Bon Kalindo

Political activist who is also President of the poor people in Malawi-the People First Bon Kalindo, has advised UTM members to go back home from Kasiya in Lilongwe claiming that the departed soul of Dr. Saulosi Chilima has also escorted the Alliance agreement signed between him and the MCP.

Kalindo said as the writing is on the wall, the MCP cannot govern the country well and it will be eyeing a Government of National Unity (GNU) for it to continue ruling the country until 2025 advising opposition members not to join the GNU.

He said time has run out for the MCP to be regarded as a strong force in politics saying the MCP has gone back to the drawing board strategizing itself on where it has gone wrong, all Malawians are angry with it for being the MCP of the history.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating on various social media platforms, Kalindo said the MCP will offer to the opposition positions in government warning all those who will take up the positions that they are not of good faith.

Kalindo said the best option President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera can make is to resign and call for elections in line with the constitutional mandate that elections must be held in Malawi every 5 years reminding him that his mandate ended on 21st May, 2024.

He said if he insists on the formation of a GNU in Malawi, the opposition members will not accept the positions for fear of being pointed fingers by Malawians who are mourning MCP atrocities from the past to the present observing that real Malawians who have seen the pain and suffering in the hands of the MCP cannot associate with the party.

The activist has asked the opposition party members to take up the challenging position of Vice President of the Republic after the inquest which was established to find what exactly made the military plane which carried the Vice President to Mzuzu go missing and crash on the 10th June, 2024 in the Chikangawa Forest in Mzimba district is out.

“Let the MCP choose for themselves from their party who the Vice President will be, in 2025 The MCP will be going out for good, if the elections are held today, tomorrow or after tomorrow, the MCP will lose the elections with their rigging strategies,” said Kalindo.

He has thanked the Zambian, South African and Tanzanian governments for supporting Malawi in the search for the missing plane observing that this has exposed that Malawi politicians spent their time stealing from government coffers without thinking of tomorrow.

Kalindo has since offered his deep condolences to the departed Chilima’s family, children and Malawians that life has got no meaning describing the departed Dr. Chilima as a focused leader with a vision to develop the country from poor to prosperity.


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