Nkhotakota woman demands justice on brother’s murder


Emily Chilemba of Kanunkha Village in the area of Traditional Authority Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota district is demanding justice to prevail on the death of her brother, Edson Chilemba who was murdered on the 26th of February, 2024 in the district.

Emily Chilemba said on the fateful day, his brother who was a member of Fishers of Men Church and a Secretary for the youth in the church went to Linga in the district carrying a Holy Bible in a bag where there were his clothes to change before entering the meeting.

She said on his return from the meeting, he walked through a shortcut and entered a maize garden to change his clothes so that he would go back home with the clothes he wore at the time he was going to attend a meeting at Linga.

The woman said as soon as Edson was coming out of the maize garden whose owner was Mr. Mgombe asked what he was doing in his garden and he took him to his house where he was told to enter the room for discussions.

There in the room, Edson found two men and a boy who together with Mr Mgombe started beating him with burglar bars suddenly Mgombe’s wife came into the room and upon seeing the condition of Edson, he instructed the men to just kill him claiming that if this not done, he will reveal everything.

Emily Chilemba said by the grace of the Lord, Edson managed to escape with nakedness and he was found by a well-wisher who together with others took him to the nearest hospital for treatment and at that time, he was in a coma.

She said the police were informed and investigations on his death started on 28th February 2024 Edson bid bye to the earthly world, postmortem was conducted on his death before the police ordered community members to his burial.

The woman claimed that she was given 90 days to wait for the court to do its work and while waiting, she saw a Mr Mgombe at his house released saying to the police there was a statement recorded that the murdered Edson was a mentally disturbed man and he produced dangerous weapons to hack Mr Mgombe and was killed while Mr Mgombe was trying to get hold of the weapons he carried.

“From birth, Edson has never been mentally disturbed, he was just a born-again Christian and was doing Form 4 at Nkhotakota Night Secondary School,” narrated Emily Chilemba through an audio clip.

She said after making enquiries, she has found that the High Court of Malawi is the one which released Mr. Mgombe making her wonder how come the court released him with the concerned family of the murdered Edson, not aware of the development.

She has appealed to human rights bodies and well-wishers including Mr Bon Kalindo, President of the poor in Malawi to assist her in getting nothing but justice to prevail on the murder of his brother Edson Chilemba.


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