Poet Tendai Shaba to Launch Latest Book 

Poet Tendai Shaba

Tendai Shaba’s poetic journey unfolds with him on the brink of unveiling his third poetry collection, “Living with the Wildflowers.” 

In an exclusive interview, the esteemed poet, known for his debut work “Moments to Cherish” in 2020, disclosed that the upcoming book is slated for release on August 5, 2024. 

Exploring themes of grief, loss, and pain, Shaba’s upcoming book promises a transformative journey for readers, guiding them through the depths of emotion towards healing and acceptance.

The collection will be widely available across major online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring accessibility for readers worldwide seeking solace through the medium of poetry. 

Expressing his anticipation, Shaba remarked, “I’m thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of ‘Living with the Wildflowers.’ This collection offers a heartfelt exploration of grief and loss, aiming to provide comfort and resilience. It will be globally available from August 5, and I hope it resonates deeply with readers.” 

Shaba’s latest endeavor underscores his innate ability to empathize with the human condition, offering solace and empathy to those grappling with pain. 

With his evocative prose already touching numerous lives, this upcoming collection is poised to continue his legacy of healing through words. 

Notably, Shaba’s previous release, “A Lady in a Yellow Dress,” focused on fostering positive thoughts and emotional wellness, further cementing his reputation as a beacon of inspiration.


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