NRB baying for “Concerned Citizens” arrest over minors ID registration claims


The National Registration Bureau (NRB) has implored law enforcement agencies to investigate and arrest people involved in spreading “false information “ that the bureau is registering minors to manipulate 2025 election results.  

This comes on the sidelines of a press briefing last week where some individuals under the banner “Concerned Citizens”, raised an alarm that NRB is registering minors in the ongoing National ID Registration Exercise.

However, during a media tour on Tuesday, May 21 2024 in Lilongwe, NRB through its Senior Public Relations Officer Norman Fulatira, vehemently refuted the allegations.  

While describing the allegations as criminal, Fulatira hinted at the need for an investigation where people involved in disseminating this information should be brought to book.

Concerned Citizens
The group claimed that NRB is registering minors.

The publicist said the allegations by the Concerned Citizens have the potential to damage the reputation of the Bureau and may also in one way or another disrupt the National ID registration process.

“We are not happy with the allegations, we are not happy with the issue and in fact, we would ask law enforcement agencies to investigate this matter. This is a criminal matter, it must be investigated and the people involved if need be, must be arrested and prosecuted.

“If you understood clearly from people involved (Concerned Citizens), there were allegations of money involved and issues of lying to the nation. Whatever they say has the potential to disrupt the National ID registration process,” reacted Fulatira.

Meanwhile, chairperson of the Concerned Citizens Wells Khama, has told the local media that he is surprised that the Bureau never invited the grouping to the tour and further said he is not afraid of being investigated over the matter. 


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