26 half naked men attack traders in Zomba


26 half-naked men who are reported to have been armed with panga knives last night terrorized the Chinseu trading center in Zomba district.

According to the councilor for Mtungulusi ward, Wilson Likhusa, at night, around eleven o’clock, over 26 shirtless men, who were only putting on boxers, invaded the trading center robbed businesses, and hacked some business owners by taking advantage of the blackout which was being experienced in the area.

“We believe that the robbers took advantage of the blackout in this area which was caused due to the unavailability of the electricity transformer which was removed some months ago by ESCOM but since then, it is yet to be replaced as the authorities have paid no attention to our complaints” Likhusa Explained.

Zomba Police Spokesperson, Patricia Sipiliano confirmed the incident but could not provide further details as she promised to come back with more details on the issue as investigations have been instituted by the law enforcers.


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