Govt yet to find out status of Malawian woman arrested in Bangladesh over cocaine


Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it is yet to find out the status of a Malawian woman who was arrested after being found with Cocaine at Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport by the Department of Narcotics Control in Bangladesh.

It is approaching a month since the incident occured involving a 35-year-old Malawian woman, Nomthandazo Towera Soko who was detained on 25 January, 2024, with 8.5 kgs worth Mk15 billion of Cocaine, marking a largest consignment of cocaine seized in the country’s history.

Malawi government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promptly intervened by requesting the Malawi High Commission in India accredited to Bangladesh to look into the matter.

Soko was arrested last month.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, John Kabaghe indicated that the authorities from Bangladesh have not yet responded to the High Commission’s request for full information of the accused.

“Since our High Commission in India has not yet received any news from the Bangladesh authorities, we are yet to find out the exact status of the accused,” said Kabaghe.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that in 2018 death penalty was approved in Bangladesh for carrying Yaba and heroic, punishment for transporting, trading, storing, producing, processing, applying and using more than 25g of narcotics originated from heroin, cocaine and coca will be death penalty or life-term imprisonment, while for less than 25g of the A-category narcotics, the penalty will be two years to 10 years of jail term.