PRISAM opens SACCO membership to non-members

Private Schools Association of Malawi (PRISAM) says it has now extended its SACCO membership to non-members including employees from both the private and public sectors.

This is according to PRISAM Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO) president Dr Ernest Kaonga, who confirmed that the association has indeed decided to incorporate non-members in its SACCO which was launched in January this year.

Dr Kaonga said at first, the PRISAM SACCO was only open to member-schools and teachers and further pointed out that the idea to allow non-members has been arrived at to make the dream of making private schools financially independent a reality.

“Our goal is to promote and improve private education services provision in Malawi and to do that we need to ensure that all private schools and their teachers are thriving, not just those that belong to our association.

“This is why we are inviting all private schools who are our members and those that are not our members to join PRISAM SACCO. We have also extended the invitation to other organisations and not only teachers, that they can join our SACCO. Whether you work in government, companies or NGOs, you are welcome to join our Sacco,” said Kaonga.

Dr Kaonga further indicated that the association has since issued a letter to all Private Schools in the country, notifying them that the association has decided to extend the SACCO membership to non-members.

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