FCB unveils Valentine’s digital campaign

First Capital Bank has unveiled this year’s Valentine’s Day Digital Campaign dubbed ‘Okondedwa Kuikungaso kachikena’ where one person will win K2 million with just an artistic expression of love to the bank.

According to FCB Head of Marketing, Twikale Chirwa, ‘Okondedwa Kuikungaso kachikena’ Valentine’s Day digital campaign, aims to foster a stronger bond between the bank and digital users through creative expressions of love.

Chirwa said the campaign invites users to showcase their affection for First Capital Bank using various forms of artistic expression, thus through visual arts, written poetry, or any other creative outlet, and one person will walk away with two million kwacha at the end of the promotion on 29 February, 2024.

He further said that the campaign underscores First Capital Bank’s commitment to building meaningful connections with its customers old and prospective alike by providing a platform for creative expression, and added that the Bank aims to create a more engaging and interactive relationship with its various audiences. 

“We believe that love comes in many forms, and we want to celebrate that with our followers and the general public who are digital users. Okondedwa is not just a campaign, it’s a way for us to express our gratitude and strengthen the bond we share with our digital followers, develop the arts in Malawi and interact with young people and students. The competition also presents a platform for the development of talent for consumption in Malawi,” explained Chirwa.

It is also reported that through this initiative, the bank aims to increase brand love and loyalty while spreading joy during the Valentine’s season and that they look forward to a month filled with love, creativity, and strengthened connections with its customers both old and new alike through the “Okondedwa” digital campaign.

Participants in the competition are encouraged to post their artistic expressions on their Facebook or Tiktok page with hash tag #OkondedwaFirstCapitalBank, later First Capital Bank will repost on their pages and the top 5 posts with the most shares will be nominated and the bank will select one winner based on quality of the Art.

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