Nepman to release Amapiano song 

Nepman to release Amapiano song

Nepman, the husky-voiced musician who rarely does solo projects, is expected to release an Amapiano song in February.

Collaborating with his fellow artists has sustained Nepman because when he features in a song, he creates a sense of uniqueness to his fans letting the song blow out.

Popular songs like Wadutsa Pompa, Chilawe, Mawa and Chauta Wamphamvu among others aren’t owned by him as he was just featured.

“This time around, I have focused on a solo project as I have realized most popular songs are the ones I got featured in compared to my single projects. That’s why I decided to launch the fresh year with a solo, Amapiano track,” he said.

The anticipated Amapiano song is titled ‘Kainga Janga’. the audio is already done but considering the effectiveness of visual world he discerns; it is substantial to release both audio and video on a similar date. Kainga Janga is a Tonga word meaning Nomad.

Chorus and the first verse have been done in Tonga whilst second verse has gone along with Malawi’s vernacular language, Chichewa.

“I am creative enough and skilled artist filled with natural intuition. I position my self as a most blessed artist because I have high ability to grace any type of music genre. I always thank Jah Jah (God) for that gift,” said the Ng’ona Za M’mabango hitmaker. 

He added that doing Amapiano song doesn’t mean he has switched music genre but it’s a response to his loyal fans who have been urging him for prolonged to grace such type of a beat. The audio is produced by DJ Cover and video is underway by well-grounded VJ Ken. 

Nepman also known as Fil-defia released his first hit single ‘Malipe Dance’ in 2006.