Egenco to shut down Tedzani Hydro Power Station on Sunday

Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) says it will shut down Tedzani Hydro Power Station on Sunday, 7 January, 2024 from 06:00am to 04:00pm which will lead to inadequate power supply.

Egenco has said in a statement today that the works will involve retrieving of a trash rake bucket and inspection of intake screens at the power station’s intake dam.

According to the company, the trash rake bucket was stuck underwater at the bottom of the dam during trash raking operation in February last year.  During previous operations, the company managed to partly dig out the bucket and now intends to completely retrieve it.

“In order to carry out these works, Egenco will have to drain the dam at the Tedzani Hydro Power Station intake to allow for safe working environment for its engineers and divers. Due to this, there will be no power generation at Tedzani Power Station during the period of maintenance works,” says Egenco.

It adds that the works are essential for smooth raking operations at the power station’s intake in order to prevent trash, debris and large objects from entering into the water tunnel and damaging underwater turbine parts and other power generation equipment.

Meanwhile, Electricity  Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has said in a statement that there will be power outage for some of its customers between 5:30am and 8:30am on Sunday due to the inadequate power supply.