Government increases civil servants’ salaries by 10 percent

Minister of Finance Simplex Chithyola Banda

Following the devaluation of Kwacha by 44 percent, Government of Malawi has increased wages and salaries for civil servants by 10 percent.

Minister of Finance Chithyola Banda announced this today in Parliament during the Mid-year budget presentation.

According to Chithyola Banda, wages and salaries have gone up by K80.05 billion from k900.44 billion to K980. 49 billion.

The salary increment has come at a time many Malawians are complaining following the 44 percent devaluation as their lives have been heavily affected.

Speaking to Malawi24 Chithyola said the increment will help civil servants to deal with some challenges they have encountered following the 44 percent devaluation.

“This is a provision to cushion civil servants from the kwacha realignment as alluded to by His Excellency the President during his National address a few days ago,” said Chithyola.

Meanwhile, many people are not happy with the 10 percent increment saying the increment is too little and it will not have any impact on their lives as many shops right now have increased basic needs by 44 percent.

“They have devalued Kwacha by 44 percent and here they come saying they have increased wages and salaries by 10 percent this is an insult to us nothing will change we will continue to suffer. They could have increased the wages and salaries at least by 30 or 25 percent not 10 percent this is nothing,” someone commented on Facebook.


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