Zelenskyy: Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself Against Hamas ‘Terrorist’ Attacks

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Supports Israel's Right to Self-Defense

Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Israel has the right to defend itself against ‘terrorist’ attacks by Hamas and that he is hopeful the Palestinian group will be defeated, and their financiers revealed.

“Horrible news from Israel. My condolences go out to everyone who lost relatives or close ones in the terrorist attack. We have faith that order will be restored and terrorists will be defeated.

“Terror should have no place in the world, because it is always a crime, not just against a specific country or this terror’s victims, but against humanity in general and our entire world. Anyone who resorts to terror commits a crime against the world.

“Whoever finances terror is committing a crime against the world. The world must stand united and in solidarity so that terror does not attempt to break or subjugate life anywhere and at any moment.

Hamas carried out a surprise attack inside Israel, taking Israel and the international community completely by surprise.

The Ukrainian President says in the face of such “horrifying terrorist attacks”, Israel has the right to defend itself.

“Israel’s right to self-defense is unquestionable. All details surrounding this terrorist assault must be revealed so that the world knows and holds accountable everyone who supported and helped carry out the attack.” he tweeted.

In a follow up tweet, posted 7 hours after the first, he said any country that supported the Palestinian group Hamas should be revealed and be held to account.

“Our position is crystal clear: anyone who causes terror and death anywhere on the planet must be held accountable.

“Today’s terrorist attack on Israel was well-planned, and the entire world knows which sponsors of terrorism could have endorsed and enabled its organization. Israel has the full right to defend itself against terror as any other state.”