Old Mutual launches 2023 bridal shower financial education campaign

Old Mutual launches 2023 bridal shower financial education campaign

Financial services provider Old Mutual Malawi has launched this year’s bridal shower financial education campaign which seek to build a strong financial foundation on newlywed couples.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Old Mutual Financial Education Manager Benard Chiluzi, said the campaign will offer an opportunity to newlywed couples to get invaluable advice on financial matters.

While indicating that embarking on a marital journey with a strong financial foundation is the key to more smiling days in a marriage, Chiluzi underscored the need for the public to utilize the 2023 Old Mutual Bridal Shower campaign.

He further added that the exceptional financial knowledge and skills which Old Mutual experts impart during bridal showers, has the potential to help families to realize their financial dreams without sweating.

“Financial stability is a journey, not a destination. By adhering to these principles and working together, newlywed couples can build a solid financial foundation that supports their dreams and aspirations. With a bright financial future ahead, they can achieve their goals and establish lasting financial security,” said Chiluzi.

For instance, speaking at a recent gathering celebrating bridal shower of Lywell and Nollah, Chiluzi stressed the importance of open and honest communication as the cornerstone of a successful financial journey and encouraged the couple to openly discuss their financial goals, priorities, and spending habits.

While recognizing life’s unpredictability, the financial education expert, encouraged the newlywed couple and the public at large to building an emergency fund which he said should be acting as a vital financial safety net during challenging times.

He further emphasized the importance of living below one’s means to ensure financial security and create opportunities for saving and investment and further said couples should always avoid the burden of high-interest debts.

Chiluzi concluded by advising the couple and the audience to acknowledge and celebrate financial achievements together. Including paying off debt, reaching a savings milestone, or achieving an investment goal which he said reinforces the positivity of the financial journey.

While describing the campaign as an ideal for a happy family and a happy nation, Chiluzi has since encouraged couples in the country to book Old Mutual to offer financial tips and advice during their bridal show ceremonies.