Transparency Initiative calls for coordination of CSOs in service provision in Zomba

Transparency Initiative Executive Director, Nicholas Mwisama

Transparency Initiative has called on Non Governmental Organisations that are implementing projects in the same area in Zomba to properly coordinate to avoid duplication of efforts.

Transparency Initiative, Executive Director, a Nicholas Mwisama made the remarks at Mulunguzi Riverside Lodge in Zomba where Transparency lnitiative, Save the Children, FHI 360, Partners in Action for Sustainable Development and Future Vision Ministry International met to discuss importance of coordination when implementing project.

Mwisama who is also Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Network, chairperson in Zomba said coordination is key to meaningful project implementation.

He pointed out that coordination of NGOs minimises duplication of projects in the same area benefiting the same people.

Transparency Initiative Executive Director noted that there are some areas that benefit from more than one projects of the same nature from different implementors while some areas remain undeveloped.

Mwisama therefore hailed Zomba District Council and Zomba City Council for developing a mapping system that indicates name of organisation, type of intervention and project impact area.

“This will avoid duplication of projects in the same, targeting same beneficiaries,” Mwisama added.

Zomba District Council Chairperson, Councilor, William Muthipa hailed the NGOs for convening the meeting which he said will help the organisations to understand benefits of coordination when planing and implementing projects.

He noted that some NGOs implement sub standard project due to limited resources, saying the best way would be joint planning and joint project implementation.

“Let’s take this new approach because. This is the only way to develop the entire district, ” the Council Chairperson added.