Stray bullet fired by police officer injures two people in Salima


A stray bullet fired by a police officer has injured two people after it fell into a National Bank branch in Salima.

A police report indicates that the incident occurred on Wednesday, 6th September, 2023 at around 0840 hours at Salima Police Station.

It is reported that Sub Inspector Bannett Cambikwa of Salima Police Station accidentally fired a shot in the air as he was performing rifle safety precaution measures.

The rank was issued R4 rifle Makers no. N786635A1 and accidentally released a bullet in the air and later the stray bullet fell on the roof of the National Bank, Salima Branch which is about 150 metres from the office.

As a result, the bullet pierced through the roof and ceiling and hit two customers identified as Westley Malenga, 50, and Gelson Bakali, 43.

Police say Malenga and Bakali who are both businessmen, were hit on their left hands and they were referred to Salima District Hospital for both medical examination and treatment.

It is also reported that police visited the scene where a small hole on the ceiling was seen.

However, the bullet is yet to be found but empty cartilage has been recovered.