World Vision distributing fertilizer to Cyclone Freddy survivors

World Vision Malawi

As the recovery process for people affected by cyclone Freddy continues, World Vision Malawi has started distribution of fertilizer and other assorted items in six districts.

On Tuesday this week 15th August, 2023, the humanitarian organization was at Ndala village, in the area of Traditional Authority Njema in Mulanje district distributing assorted items to Cyclone Freddy survivors from Group Village Heads Ndala, Msikita and Makokola.

Each survivor was receiving non food items including a 15kgs of fertilizer, hygiene kits such as toothbrush, toothpaste buckets and also food items which included maize flour, sugar, beans and soya pieces just to mention a few.

According Subhuza Sibande who is World Vision Malawi Humanitarian Emergency Affairs Manager, the fertilizer donation which is worth 100,000 US Dollars has been supported by World Vision US and World Vision Taiwan.

Sibande said on short term support, the Hong Kong government made available assorted items worth 560,740 US dollars which he said will as well benefit survivors from the six affected districts

The targeted six districts include Mulanje, Phalombe, Nsanje, Chiradzulu, Machinga and Neno from which 1300 households are expected to benefit from the project.

“So basically this project is targeting 3 areas, we are targeting the food security area, the nutrition and the wash element. We are supported by the Hong Kong government. These people are the ones that lost almost everything.

“So what we are giving is just to keep them going as we are also looking at other alternatives to look at long term needs. But this support is mainly to caution them to the effects of Cyclone Freddy that affected them some couple of months ago.

“So on top of the Hong Kong support, we also have got another funding from World Vision US and Taiwan. Most of the households lost their crops with the cyclone. So, we identified some who were given farm inputs like maize seed and beans seed and today we are also giving them Fertilizer,” said Sibande.

In a separate interview, Group Village Head Msikita thanked World World Vision Malawi for the timely support which he said has expedited the recovery process for people in his area.

However, he pointed out that some more families in his area are up to date homeless and asked for well wishers support those people with tents where they can be staying as they plan to build back.

“The situation was so terrible here, we lost relatives and all our belongings. But we thank World Vision for coming in to support us. Like for my area, we still need tents because there are more families which are still homeless. May other well wishers help us on that,” said Group Village Head Nsikita.

One of the beneficiaries, Jennifer Mwalamwasa from Makokola village in the district who reported to have been depending on well wishers for her daily meals, also thanked World Vision Malawi for aiding her recovery process.

Mwalamwasa said with maize and bean seeds that she received a couple of weeks ago and the fertilizer that she has received now, she is assured of a better future.