HRDC demands Chakwera to cut down on trips, fire ministers

HRDC Malawi

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has demanded President Lazarus Chakwera to suspend international and local travel and dismiss underperforming ministers, presidential advisors and directors in ministries.

Chairperson of the defenders , Gift Trapence made the statement on Sunday during a press briefing which the organization conducted in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the press briefing, Trapence said that government under the leadership of President Chakwera must acknowledge the crisis at hand and depart from business as usual and earnestly work to address the current issues which includes shortage of fuel, high prices of Maize and other essential commodities, K7.9 trillion debt and shortage of forex.

He added that they are demanding the president to remain in office and suspend all international and local travel and also dismiss underperforming ministers, SPC, presidential advisors, and directors who have failed in their duty to manage the economy.

“We are requesting the president to present sustainable and actionable solutions to the fuel crisis.We are demanding the president to ensure professional and transparent procurement, management and timely distribution of fertilizer for the Affordable Inputs Program (AIP) program.

“President should provide a clear actionable short, medium and long- term crisis plan outlining the path to economic recovery. Should the president fail to demonstrate commitment to these demands, we will be left with no choice but to mobilize Malawians through legitimate means to halt the violation of their constitutional rights by the government,” he said

On the Maize issue, Trapence said that the problem started when K750 million was mishandled in the name of buying fertilizer from a butchery and nobody was called to court or arrested.

He added that the country is now facing food crisis because government has failed to open Agricultural Development Marketing Corporation (Admarc) on time which has triggered an avoidable food crisis.

He added: “The absence of Admarc, meant to regulate prices, has allowed unscrupulous traders to exploit the situation, pricing basic goods out of reach for ordinary Malawians.”