Three found with K72000 in fake banknotes

Three found with K72,000 in fake banknotes

Three people in Balaka have been found with K72000 in fake K5000 and K2000 banknotes.

Balaka police publicist, Gladson M’bumpha, says the suspects were found with K20000 in K5000 fake banknotes and K2000 fake banknotes amounting to K52000.

Police have also recovered a printer that was being used for the printing of the fake banknotes.

The three have been identified as Mofolo Ndelemanani, 25, Gift Frank aged 19 and Saidi Martin, 34.

They are expected to be answer charges related to possession of fake currency.

In a related development, police in the district have also arrested Frank Kapalire aged 24 for the offence of theft.

The suspect is alleged to have stolen four timbers, two mattresses and two pairs of shoes valued at K200,000.