Zomba Malosa MP urges people to take care of elderly


Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa, Grace Kwelepeta, cheered up the elderly at Naphini Community Based Organisation (CBO) at Senior Chief Malemia’s area where she said the elderly deserve all the respect and should enjoy the right to food plus right to protection as any other person.

The MP gave out blankets, wrappers and food items as a token of appreciation for the elderly’s various contributions to the society .

Kwelepeta therefore hailed people in Zomba Malosa for caring for the elderly saying she has never heard of any violence against the elderly in her constituency.

“Caring for elderly and protecting them from all forms of violence and abuse should be a collective responsibility,” she said.

Director of Naphini CBO, Lazarus Kawawa, said the organisation organised the community meeting to discuss ways of solving challenges which the elderly face in their respective communities.

He pledged that Naphini CBO will ensure that all the elderly receive deserving care and support within it’s catchment area of operation.

Kawawa thanked Zomba Malosa parliamentarian for giving the elderly maize flour, soya pieces, soap on top of blankets and wrappers saying this was a good gesture worthy emulating.

Social Welfare Assistant at Zomba District Council, Agnes Chambite said the social welfare office has recorded many cases of violence against the elderly in many parts of the district.

She said it is unfortunate and disheartening that some elderly persons have been victimized on accusation of witchcraft.

“The law will take its course on anyone who allege witchcraft on the elderly,” said Chambite, adding that the social welfare office will not remain silent on witchcraft accusations and any form of violence and abuse against the elderly.