Teacher makes chairs and desks for learners with disabilities


A teacher at Saint Mary’s School of the Blind in Karonga, Lughano Winga, has embarked on a project of making chairs and desks designed to provide postural support for learners with physical disabilities.

Winga, who works with a team, makes the desks from locally available resources such as cartons and cassava flour.

In an interview Thursday, he said that he initiated the project after noting that some learners at the school were experiencing posture challenges since the school has few desks and the majority of the learners had to sit on the floor.

“We noticed that learners faced challenges to sit upright and concentrate on learning because of their physical disabilities, hence the initiative,” Winga said.

Headteacher for St-Mary’s Boys Primary School to which the school for the blind is affiliated to, Geoffrey Kayange welcomed the development saying the initiative would go a long way in facilitating teaching and learning at the school.

Reported by Wakisa Myamba