Man stands on street with ‘looking for job’ sign in Lilongwe


A 26-year-old jobseeker has been standing with a ‘looking for a job’ sign near the entrance of Capital Hill in Lilongwe with the hope of being hired as a driver.

Calvin Fatsani from Kalulu Village in Lilongwe has told the local media that he has been standing on the spot at City Centre over the past four weeks.

“I have a wife and a child to look after. I am struggling and failing due to financial challenges,” Kalulu told online publication The Radar.

He added that since he started standing at the entrance, he has received promises of job offers but has so far not been given any offers .

In Malawi, unemployment levels are high and it was revealed recently that 91 percent of people in the country are not employed.

Meanwhile, Malawians on social media have hailed Fatsani for taking a brave step and have expressed hope that he will find a job soon.