Airtel Malawi appoints Prof. Ngeyi Kanyongolo as board chairperson


Airtel Malawi has appointed law professor, Ngeyi Kanyongolo, as the company’s board chairperson.

The appointment has been announced through a communication signed by Airtel Malawi company secretary, Hlupikile Chalamba.

The communication states that the appointment of Professor Kanyongolo is based on her vast experience in different positions citing her presidency of the Women Lawyers Association, Vice President of Malawi Law Society, Board chairperson of Standard Bank, Dean of Faculty of Law and Head of Department of Law at the University of Malawi on top of being a member of Advisory Board of the National Planning Commission.

Speaking to Malawi24, Professor Kanyongolo said she regards her appointment as Board Chairperson of Airtel Malawi Plc as a special honour.

Accepting the appointment, she hailed the decision by Airtel Malawi Board of Director and company’s stakeholders and pledged to be dedicated to her new role and responsibilities in line with the company’s mission.

Professor Kanyongolo holds a law degree from University of Malawi (1991), Masters Degree in law from University of London (1999) and a PhD obtained in 2007.