Malawians conduct cultural ceremony to thank creator for harvest

Libation ceremony

Malawians under the Lost History Foundation have conducted a libation ceremony (Mwambo wa Nsembe ya Masika) to thank the creator and ancestors for this year’s harvest.

The event called Mwambo Wa Nsembe Ya Masika took place at Botanical Garden in Zomba.

Speaking to online publication The Radar, Executive Director of the foundation Conleith Selenje said they wanted to thank the creator through the spirits of the ancestors for the harvest of this year.

He further said that the event also provides a platform for people to present their symbolic farms produce to the creator.

“This is a cultural event targeted to inform and teach people how our ancestors used to thank the creator after harvest,” said Selenje.

He added that indigenous Malawians need to appreciate the values of honoring the ancestors in thanking the creator.

“Most people are attracted by some western cultures that are destroying our cultural practices,” says Selenje.

One of the people attending the event, Joice Mpunga, said it is good to remember and honor ancestors by thanking them for all good things happening in the country.

The main ceremony at Zomba Botanical Gardens followed a march from Zomba Depot.

The event was spiced up by traditional dances and musical performances by Waliko Makhala, Chigo Nyasulu, Agorosso, Ancient Yoga and Joseph Nkasa.