Fuel shortage re-emerges in Malawi

Motorists and motorcyclists queue for fuel in Malawi

Long queues have returned at fuel stations across Malawi as the Lazarus Chakwera administration is still struggling to resolve longstanding foreign exchange shortage.

This morning, motorists and motorcyclists have formed queues at service stations in Mzuzu and Blantyre cities.

Reports indicated that in Zomba, almost all stations have no fuel while in Mzuzu, diesel is available but there is no petrol.

Since August last year, Malawi faces a nationwide shortage of fuel for several days every month, affecting work, businesses and domestic activities.

President Lazarus Chakwera admitted in September last year that the root cause of the fuel shortage was forex scarcity.

Currently, his administration is still struggling to resolve the forex challenges. The Reserve Bank of Malawi said last month that Malawi Government’s forex reserves were not enough to last a month.

According to the Reserve Bank, Malawi spends 50 million US Dollars per month on fuel and this has depleted the country’s fuel reserves.