Unemployed nurses to withdraw from internship, hold demos

Nursing officers Malawi

Nursing officers on upkeep and internship basis in public hospitals, will withdraw from work this month as all unemployed nursing officers will be taking to the streets to force government to address their grievances.

This is according to the group’s chairperson Frank Louis Kamwendo who told this publication that the demonstrations have been scheduled for 15th, July, 2023 in the cities of Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

Kamwendo said these unemployed nursing officers have arrived at the decision because the Malawi Government through the Ministry of Health seems to be reluctant to addressing their employment grievances.

“We have agreed as unemployed Nursing Officers in this country that starting from 15th July next month we will withdraw from working in all public hospitals and there will be demonstrations in all the four cities if the ministry of health won’t address our genuine concerns.

“We have seen that the ministry is not ready to take our concerns seriously and hence a need for the withdrawal and demonstrations in all cities. But for sure, we are to start with withdrawing from working on upkeep and internship,” said Kamwendo.

Among others, these unemployed nurses who are about 4000 in numbers, want government to either employ them on full time basis or allow them to go and work in United States of America and Saudi Arabia where an opportunity rose last year.

Last month, representatives of the group met officials from the Malawi’s Ministry of Health to mark the way forward on the matter.

However, it is reported that the meeting yielded nothing which saw the group penning minister of health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda expressing dissatisfaction with the outcomes of meeting and hence the planned demonstrations.