Malawi Police shoot man in Nkhata-Bay


Police allegedly shot a man on the leg yesterday in Nkhata-Bay.

The man has been identified as Silon Chirwa from Chinthewere village in Nkhata-Bay.

Reports indicate that there was a commotion between a villager and guards at Kawalazi Estate yesterday.

Guards at the estate accused the villager of trespassing in the estate.

They arrested the villager and handed him over to Mzenga Police Unit.

Villagers angered by the arrest invaded the police unit in an attempt to force police release him.

Chirwa was one of the villagers in this group.

At the police unit, law enforcers fired shots at the villager and one of those bullets landed on Chirwa.

Nkhata-Bay police spokesperson Sergeant Kondwani James has told the local media that the police were attacked.

According to James, when the villagers stormed the police unit, they were pelting stones at officers.

“To control the situation, police released the suspect on bail, but later the villagers returned to attack other police officers,” said James.