Thyolo health chiefs demand K632 million from health workers


Thyolo district Director of Health and Social Services Dr. Arnold Jumbe and hospital administrator, John Phiri, have demanded health workers in the district to pay 632.5 million Malawi Kwacha in damages for accusing them of office abuse.

Earlier this month, health workers in the district petitioned the Ministry of Health demanding the transfer of the two and five other district health managers.

The health workers accused the managers of office abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation and drunkenness among others.

The health workers alleged that Dr. Jumbe was supplying items at the district hospital and using office vehicles for personal use while Phiri was accused of stealing a generator and a vehicle.

According to a demand letter by the lawyer for the two, Zeros Matumba of Middleton Chambers, the district council conducted an investigation and found the allegations to be false.

Phiri and Jumbe have since demanded K632.5 million from the health workers.

“Our clients have been greatly injured by your publication as it is malicious and the damage caused is irreplaceable,” reads part of the letter.

Lawyer Matumba said they have given health workers 14 days to settle the claim, failing which they will commence legal action against the health workers.

Spokesperson for the workers, Ernerst Chisale, has told the local media that they have received the letter through social media and will sit down to discuss on the way forward.

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