Woman Arrested for Faking Ability to Walk and Pray on Water

Guinean Woman Praying On The Water Arrested

The police in Guinea have arrested a woman for faking that she could walk and pray while floating on water. The woman, identified as Fanta Sangaré, was arrested on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

Sangaré was seen at the sea, where she laid a prayer rug on the surface and stood on it to pray, attracting the attention of beachgoers. A photo circulating on social media showed her floating on water, supported only by the prayer rug.

However, police officials later clarified that her arrest was not related to her act of praying on the waves. The exact reason for her arrest was not disclosed.

Some have debunked her floating as staged, drawing parallels to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri‘s previous miracle where he appeared to levitate in the air. This claim about the prophet who relocated back to Malawi from South Africa walking on air garnered international attention.