Malawian boy with cancer dies


Yamikani (R) has died after a battle with cancer

Yamikani Luciano has died hours after an appeal for assistance was issued for the boy to get treatment outside Malawi.

Yamikani was suffering from cancer which started from the brain.

Tiyanjane Mlangeni who issued the appeal yesterday has said today that Yamikani has died.

“Tiyanjane says that they have lost Yamikani.

“The body will be laid to rest tomorrow in Mangochi,” Mikozi reported.

According to Tiyanjane, the child was taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital in LIlongwe and Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre where doctors said the cancer had reached stage 4 such that Malawian doctors could not do anything hence the child needed to seek treatment abroad.

She also said that Yamikani was finding it difficult to eat and breath since the tumour has affected his nose and mouth.

Malawi has no public cancer hospital but there is one which is under construction in LIlongwe.

Malawi Government usually sends cancer patients to Tanzania or India where it was recently reported that doctors at Artemis Hospital were allegedly injecting patients with fake medicine.

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