Indian hospital where Malawi sends cancer patients accused of administering fake injections


Artemis Hospital in India where Malawi Ministry of Health sends cancer patients has been allegedly giving fake injections to patients.

Reports indicate that the government has recently sent cancer patients to e hospital.

At Artemis Hospital, a Turkish national and arrested three others for allegedly supplying fake chemotherapy injections to cancer patients.

Malawi Ministry of Health Spokesperson Adrian Chikumbehas told the local media that the ministry has received reports that a healthcare provider at the hospital was treating patients with inappropriate medication.

He described the conduct as
unethical, unprofessional and deplorable.

“The current requirement is that healthcare services be provided with strict compliance to internationally set regulations,” Chikumbe said.

He added that Malawi has been sending patients to the hospital as it is one of the health facilities with international repute for a long time.

“They have highly trained human resource, appropriate infrastructure, equipment and medical supplies,” Chikumbe said.

Meanwhile, Malawi’s foreign mission in India is expected to engage the hospital to get the truth on the matter.

The Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) in Malawi has since urged government to speed up construction of the cancer centre I Lilongwe. The SMD has also advised the government to do due diligence before sending patients to foreign hospitals.

“This is a wake-up call to the Government of Malawi to do due diligence in identifying referral hospitals for treatment of cancer and other diseases,” said SMD Spokesperson for Zaziwe Gundah.

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