A Glorious Union of Talent: Behind the Scenes of the Captivating “YABAYA” Music Video


Eli Njuchi and Yo Maps, two of the most talented musicians in Malawi and Zambia, have come together to create a truly captivating music video for their song “YABAYA”. The video is a visual feast that showcases the artists’ talent and creativity. Yabaya promises to hit over 1 million views on YouTube within few weeks.

In the dynamic world of music collaborations, there are moments when artists from different countries and diverse musical backgrounds come together to create something truly extraordinary. One such remarkable collaboration has emerged between Eli Njuchi, the exceptionally talented artist from Malawi, and the renowned Zambian musician Yo Maps.

Their joint effort has resulted in the mesmerizing track titled “YABAYA”, a song that has swiftly captured the hearts of thousands of music enthusiasts. At 10 PM on Monday, the highly anticipated music video for “YABAYA” was premiered, promising an unforgettable audio-visual experience. Within 14 minutes, the song had generated 4,000 views, and is expected to get into 1 million views within 2 months. In this article, we delve into the behind-the-scenes details of this exciting collaboration and shed light on the early success of the song.

The video was directed by Hendrxx, a talented young filmmaker from Malawi. Hendrxx captured the energy and excitement of the song perfectly, and he created a visual experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The video also features stunning cinematography that highlights the beauty of Malawi and Zambia. The artists were filmed in a variety of locations, including the streets of Lilongwe, the beaches of Lake Malawi, and the mountains of Zambia. In addition to the stunning visuals, the video also features some impressive dance moves from the artists.

Eli Njuchi and Yo Maps are both known for their energetic live performances, and they brought that same energy to the music video. The “YABAYA” music video is a must-see for fans of Malawian and Zambian music. It is a visual feast that showcases the talent and creativity of two of the most talented musicians in the region. When artists come together, irrespective of their geographical origins, magic happens. Eli Njuchi and Yo Maps, two immensely talented musicians with unique musical styles, have united their creative forces for the creation of “YABAYA”. This collaboration not only showcases their individual artistry but also represents the potential for cultural exchange and the blending of musical genres. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty that arises when diverse talents converge.

Before delving into the intricacies of “YABAYA”, let us familiarize ourselves with the artists behind this groundbreaking collaboration. Eli Njuchi, hailing from Malawi, has been making waves in the music scene with his distinct style and heartfelt lyrics. On the other hand, Yo Maps, a celebrated musician from Zambia, has amassed a dedicated following through his captivating melodies and soulful performances. Both artists have individually achieved significant milestones in their careers, and this collaboration is set to propel them to even greater heights.

The Making of “YABAYA”

For Hendrxx, creating a masterpiece like “YABAYA” involves meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the message the artists wish to convey. Eli Njuchi and Yo Maps joined forces, combining their songwriting prowess, musical talents, and vision for the track. The creative process behind “YABAYA” gave birth to a song that beautifully weaves together their unique artistic perspectives. From the catchy hooks to the evocative lyrics, every element of the song showcases the skill and creativity of both artists.

Anticipation and Early Success

The announcement of the “YABAYA” music video release sparked immense excitement among fans and music enthusiasts. Even before its premiere, the track garnered considerable attention, with thousands of views within a few minutes of its release. This early success demonstrates the immense popularity and anticipation surrounding the collaboration. It is a testament to the quality and impact of the song, as well as the eagerness of the audience to witness the visual interpretation of “YABAYA”. The “YABAYA” music video promises to be a visual feast, perfectly complementing the infectious beats and soul-stirring lyrics of the song.

Directed by the talented Hendrxx, the video will feature a team of accomplished videographers, including Yamikani Kusomati, Janet Kapito, Adrian Saka, Chrispin Thipa, Kante B Visuals, George Chimwaza, and Yamikani Musopole. The colorist, Viny Visuals, and the editor, Hendrxx, bring their expertise to create a visually captivating experience. With Richard Boker Chilipapa as the first assistant and Madalitso Phiri as the second assistant, the production boasts a dedicated and talented team.

Additionally, the audio production, handled by Tricky Beats, Sispence, and Jmass, ensures that the music video is a true sonic delight. As the clock ticks closer to the eagerly anticipated premiere of the “YABAYA” music video, excitement continues to build. This collaboration between Eli Njuchi and Yo Maps has all the ingredients to become a milestone in both artists’ careers.

The early success of the song and the anticipation surrounding the video attest to the extraordinary talent and creativity of these artists. At 10 PM on Monday, music enthusiasts were served the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stunning visuals and captivating melodies of “YABAYA”. Brace yourselves for an audio-visual masterpiece that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Join the journey, watch this remarkable collaboration below!