Castel bows down: two female artists to perform at Ibongetse bash


Local beer producer Castel Malawi has bowed down to public pressure to include female musicians on the ‘Ibongetse’ Bash this weekend in Lilongwe.

Castel Malawi will this Saturday 17 June 2023, launch the Castel Challenge Cup under ‘Obongetse’ theme where Silver Strikers is expected to host FCB Nyasa Bullets at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

The launch will reach its climax soon after the match as the beer producer is expected to host an official Ibongetse Bash with the country’s popular musicians expected to be sharing the stage.

However, the company received a backlash after it was established that there was no single local female artist lined up to perform at the mouthwatering event.

Renowned songbird Wendy Favour Harawa through her Facebook page described the development as worrisome saying there are more potential female artists who can as well spice up the event.

“Castel Malawi I came across your beautiful poster but to me it lacked something, just one or 2 female artists. We have a number of great female musicians the likes of Leslie Moyo Tuno MW Sangie @Rita Keturah Temwah Hilco Mw just to mention but a few who can add colour to your event.

“It is by the Support from Cooperate brands like you that our superstars can prosper more, mine is a small request if it is not too late and it is ok by you, please can you include one or 2/3, if it is late please Remember them next time. It is by these events that our art is improved in the industry,” wrote award winning Harawa.

After receiving a public criticism over the matter, the company has finally cleared the air by adding Tuno and Leslie to the list of artists expected to light up the auspicious occasion.

Meanwhile, Harawa has thanked the beer producer for addressing the the public concern with urgency.

“Castel Malawi thank you so much for your Consideration, and thank you very much, what better a brand than one that considers the thoughts of its citizens.. all I can do is give back the Support for the Support you are giving our industry by Saying kaibongetseni Amalawi, Quench water akakhalako, chifukwa ife Omanu ndi leader wa Praise team. Tuno MW Leslie Moyo all the best Queens,” she reacted.

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