Tsankho ayi: Wakisa James tells fans to stop calling him ‘north king’


Mzuzu based musician Wakisa James who was in previous years crowned ‘Music King Of The North’, has put a stop to his kingship nickname saying the name is limiting him to the North.

James was crowned ‘king of the north’ about five years ago when he started delivering unique and captivating Tumbuka Afro tunes which stormed the music fraternity.

However, five years under the north kingship, the ‘Kuma’ hit maker finds the nickname a limitation to his vision of becoming an African star from Malawi.

In a Facebook post, James has told his fans to stop calling him neither as a North Musician nor Mzuzu musician but rather a Malawian musician from the North.

“I am a Malawian musician from the North who dreams to be called African musician from Malawi. We should stop putting limit to music we create. The North is where we come from but we represent Malawi.

“We are Malawian musicians from the North, not North Musicians. Tikondeni mwa ufulu,” said the once crowned ‘Music King Of The North’.

In a separate Facebook post, James condemned discrimination, tribalism and regionalism which he said should not be entertained in the music industry.

“Ndingofuna Amalawi mundikonde mwa UFULU zomasankhanazi kupweteketsa mutu (I just want Malawians to love me for FREE because this discrimination hurts),” goes James Facebook post.

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