Malawi can reach the level of Dubai in 10 years — Atupele


Former United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi says Malawi is rich and with good leadership the country can reach the level of Dubai, Kuwait or Qatar within 10 years.

Muluzi made the remarks at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe where the UDF held a rally as part of commemorating 30 years of existence.

The former cabinet minister argued that it does not make sense for the country to target the year 2063 as the time when the country should reach middle income status.

He claimed that some countries with gas or oil assessed their resources and established Sovereign Wealth Funds which they used to develop their countries.

Muluzi said Malawi has resources such as gas, oil, water and precious stones which can be utilised to develop the country.

“Malawi is richer than Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain but the problem that we have is lack of leadership and corruption. Our leaders only think about stealing public resources rather than providing economic solutions,” said Muluzi.

He then claimed that he has partnered with an Iranian expert who helped China to transform from poverty to prosperity some 40 years ago.

He identified the expert as Farzam Kamalabadi, saying he will work with him and others so that Malawi should have a Sovereign Wealth Fund.

“Within 10 years, we can reach the level of Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar,” said Muluzi.

Speaking during the rally, UDF president Lilian Patel said the party, which was a ruling party between 1994 and 2006, will return to power in 2025

Patel refuted assertions by other political parties that the UDF is very weak.

“We will surprise them in 2025 after even winning more seats in central region,” she said.

She also asked government to stop blaming others on the challenges Malawi is currently facing, saying she expects improvement in the implementation of this year’s Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP).

Patel added that preparation for UDF convention is currently under way and advised members not to take the party convention as a dividing tool for the party.

During the convention, Atupele Muluzi is expected to contest for the position of UDF president.

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