Man jailed two years for stealing iPhone


Second Grade Magistrate Court in Mangochi on Tuesday sentenced Ishmael Nazo, 23, to two years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing an iPhone valued at K250,000.

State Prosecutor, Sergeant, Ernest Mtambo told the court that, on May 4, 2023, Nazo stole iPhone 8 cell phone valued at K250, 000, belonging to Humphrey Misi, at club 01 bottles store in the district.

Appearing in court, Nazo pleaded not guilty to the offence leveled against him, but the court convicted him upon state evidence presented in the court.

In mitigation, Nazo asked for leniency on grounds that he was a bread winner with a wife and a child.

In his submission, Mtambo requested the court to give Nazo a stiffer punishment, saying the offence he committed was felony and that such cases were on the increase in Mangochi.

Passing his judgment, Second Grade Magistrate, Baxton Chikalimba said Nazo deserved a custodial sentence because the court earlier on granted him bail on another case, but he failed to utilize the bail to change his bad behavior.

He sentenced Nazo to two years IHL.

Reported by Nephtali Kalumbi

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