Ng’oma says he will flush out foreigners using fake identities


Minister of Homeland Security Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma has warned foreigners who are using fake identities that they will be flushed out.

Addressing the media on Monday in Lilongwe, Ng’oma pointed out that the relocation exercise has proved to be important as it has led to the revelation of suspected war criminals such as Rwandan National Fulgence Kayishema who has been found to have been using a passport under a Malawian name.

The Minister also lamented that there are reports of 53,000 immigrants who are yet to be identified.

“Foreigners who are using false identification you must know that your time is over because I will revoke your citizenship and flush you out, ” Ng’oma explained.

He also restated the government’s intentions to close Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa district, saying a new site has already been identified in Chitipa district.

Ng’oma said this will help to ease the processes of screening people who are entering the country.

Ng’oma observed that Dzaleka Refugee Camp is too close to the capital city of Lilongwe a situation which makes it easier for refugees and asylum seekers to go into the country’s cities and townships to do business without permission.

Ng’oma further stressed that the relocation exercise of refugees and asylum seekers to Dzaleka Refugee Camp will continue saying the exercise is paramount for security of the country.

“This exercise is critical as we are aiming to tighten security, as such it cannot be done in a single day, therefore the exercise will continue to the next budget,” he said.

Additionally, Ng’oma warned refugees and asylum seekers who are returning back into the country’s cities and townships after being successfully relocated to Dzaleka Refugee Camp that the law will take its course on them if found.

He has since called for collaboration from all stakeholders to help in the relocation exercise, adding that the Ministry will institute a hotline for people to report wherever there are illegal immigrants.

So far, over 1750 refugees and asylum seekers are reported to have returned to Dzaleka Refugee Camp after being ordered to leave areas where they were doing business.

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