Police officers demand K3000 from woman for transporting bag of maize


Malawi Police says it is investigating its officers at Bunda Roadblock in Lilongwe who allegedly demanded K3000 from a woman for transporting a bag of maize and a bag of peanuts.

A video that is circulating on the internet show the woman at the Bunda/bypass roadblock in Lilongwe where officers allegedly demanded 3000 Kwacha from her after she reportedly failed to convince them on the source of her two bags of maize and peanuts which she was transporting.

The statement issued by the MPS, which was signed by police spokesperson Peter Kalaya, explained that at the moment, four police officers who were on duty at the time are being questioned and those who will be found responsible will be charged and prosecuted.

Kalaya further said that MPS reiterates its zero-tolerance to criminality and unprofessionalism among officers.

The incident whose video has gone viral on social media, happened on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

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