“Who is JB?” – Lulu fires back at Jolly Bro


Renowned Malawian R&B pioneer Lawrence Khwisa, popularly known as Lulu has fired back at Jolly Bro saying he doesn’t know the US based Malawi Hip-Hop star.

It all started with JB born Alberto Fernando Zacarias who earlier spoke against Lulu and his event organisers during his US tour last month.

JB criticized the flashy lifestyles the ‘Ndzalera’ hitmaker and other Malawians were living in the United States to a point of calling them ‘posers’ and accusing them of living beyond their means.

In a Facebook post, the ‘Kuthetsa kunyoza‘ star said while in US Lulu who has off recent become popular with his new dressing style of shots, was being kept as a pet and was not allowed to have personal trips to various tourists destinations.

He further revealed that instead of booking a hotel for his stay in America, Lulu was being kept in house like a house child and said the artist was taken to America’s local markets where he bought cheap clothes.

“Lulu is a big person, he needs his house or a hotel, not just keeping him like a child,” said JB.

JB went as far as describing the venue for Lulu and Tay Grin performance as ‘pa bwandilo’, meaning ‘low-quality’.

Meanwhile, the rivalry has taken a new shape as a video has gone viral on social media showing Lulu saying he doesn’t know Jolly Bro.

In the video, Lulu was asked as to what happened between the two when he was in the US, a question he only responded to by asking who JB was.

The interaction went like this:

Interviewer: “What really happened between you and JB.”

Lulu: “Who is JB?”

Interviewer: JB wrote on his facebook page saying you met, you chatted and you were supposed to have a show together but it never.

Lulu: “Who is JB? I meet a lot of people.”

Interviewer: “So you mean you don’t know JB?”

Lulu: “Yes I don’t know him.”

To emphasise his point, Lulu went on by saying the other artists he knows include Tay Grin, Eli Njuchi, Driemo, Pop Young but not Jolly Bro.

Meanwhile, JB in two separate Facebook posts has said he will go live so that Lulu should know him.

“Siakuti sakutidziwa? Okhe! Tiyibongetsa live lero atidziwa! (He has said he doesn’t know me so I will go live today and he will know me)” said JB in one post.

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