Nigerian woman in day three of attempt to cook for four days non-stop


Hilda Baci (R) wants to break a Guinness World Record for cooking marathon

A 27-year-old Nigerian Chef is set to break a Guinness World Record by cooking for four days non-stop.

The woman, Hilda Baci, wants to break a Guinness World Record of the ‘longest cooking marathon by an individual’ with a four-day cooking marathon this weekend.

She started on May 11 and is expected to complete the marathon in the early hours of 15 May.

At the time of publishing, Baci had completed 48 hours of her 96-hour journey.

“In 48 hours, Hilda has made 110 meals with 2,795 portions,” reads a tweet on her Twitter account.

A total of 18 brands are supporting her and people are also showing up at the venue of the marathon in Lagos to cheer on the woman.

On social media, people are also sending love and strength to Baci as she attempts to break the record.

“At this point, Hilda is not cooking with her physical body… NA MIND‼️ She’s cooking r mental strength and reminding herself that she’s got this and that’s what matters the most….. sending @hildabacicooks love and strength from above❤️,” tweeted one person.

is trying to break Guinness world record for longest cooking time, and I’m proudddd of how far she has gone! Btw she’ll win…,” another tweep tweeted.

The current record for the marathon is 87 hours, 45 minutes, and 00 seconds set by Chef Lata London in Rewa, India in 2019.

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