Village in Mchinji gets tap water


People at Million village in the area of Traditional Kawere in Mchinji district have received a solar powered tap water system installed by Permaculture Paradise Institute.

Permaculture Paradise Institute is a social enterprise which demonstrate locally available resources that can be used in addressing poverty, hunger, malnutrition, climate change, and unemployment among other challenges that people are facing.

In his remarks,T/A Kawere said that the provision of the safe water will address the issue of waterborne diseases as well as Cholera because people in the area will now have access to clean water .

T/A Kawere added that the community members used to walk distances fetching water but with the coming in of permaculture project things will change for better.

“We have welcomed this development. This area has large number of people who will benefit from the water. We were failing to venture into irrigation due to lack of water,” he explained.

On his part, Permaculture Paradise Institute Founder Luwayo Biswick said farmers will use the water for domestic use as well as agriculture where farmers are encouraged to establish home gardens and also nurseries where they can plant seedlings.

He disclosed that the same project is also being implement in Dowa and Zomba in several villages.

Water goes into pumps with the help of solar power

Representative of farmers in the area, Genaloza Maliko said that the area has one borehole which has been in use for decades but with the coming in of the solar power tap-water their livinghood will change.

The three main principles of permaculture are: care for the earth, care for people, and fair share. These principles guide the development of sustainable and resilient systems that support biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation while meeting human needs.

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