I never dated Zeze, Temwah takes on Dorothy Shonga


Temwah (L) and Shonga

Malawian female afro-pop and jazz singer Temwa Gondwe has taken on Zeze Kingstone’s girlfriend Dorothy Shonga.

It all started with a tweet by one Bright Mkwapatira that Temwah and Zeze’s collaboration Mvetsela exposed Zeze to the music industry.

“Fact ndiyoti @Temwah265 exposed @Zeze_Kingston to the industry, it could be hard by himself. Respectfully, my Gee that lady gave you the platform, embrace,” he tweeted.

Temwah retweeted the tweet and also tweeted that: “Chilungamo ndi chowawa koma kodi ndili kuti? (The truth is painful. But where am I which is a reference to her new song).”

Zeze replied to Mkwapatira’s tweet saying Mvetsela is Temwa’s “biggest” song in her catalogue.

The issue blew up on Twitter as people started debating on who benefitted much from their collaboration.

Claims also emerged that Temwah, who recently got engaged, used to date Zeze who is currently dating Dorothy Shonga also known as Cash Madam.

Shonga joined the war with a Facebook post in which she is seemingly criticising Temwah for dumping Zeze Kingston who was born Robert Ching’amba junior.

In her post, Shonga alleged that Gondwe who is popularly known by her first name Temwah, dumped Zeze Kingston for being of low class.

“Melancholy is not good especially when u are expecting. Neither does Public sympathy erase the naked truth. Stop being stressed over what u dumped cz of its low type, class, level and vybz. secondly: you shouldn’t fight cz when the Video got released u criticised that it wasn’t up to ur class and level.

“Thirdly you shouldn’t stress cz Pano naye wapeza wanyuwani above ur class, level and status, wavuta ma status. Levels have surpassed urs. Issues of levels and class are not permanent. U are up there today, tomorrow u are down. Always be Humble,” reads part of Shonga’s post.

She then advised her Zeze to stop arguing with Temwah by saying; “Brother Bernard when a woman barks don’t respond, some fights ain’t worth fighting.”

Reacting to Shonga’s post on her Facebook page, Temwag said she never dated the ‘Alamu anu’ hitmaker.

Temwah who has on Wednesday this week released new hit ‘Ndili kuti’, said she just did music projects with Zeze Kingston and further revealed that she never got proposed by the Malawi’s Amapiano heavyweight.

“First things first I never dated Zeze Kingston, we just did a couple of music projects together and have been friends for a long time. I was never his girlfriend he has never asked me out to be his girlfriend and anything close to. I am engaged to my fiancé soon to be a wife please don’t bother me this is not showbiz.

“Secondly alamwanu song by Zeze Kingston has nothing to do with me it was his creativity and his own ideas to create, it has nothing to do with me. There are young people out here especially young girls who look up to me and get inspired don’t get them discouraged by silly things like these,” replied Temwah

She then complained that female artists who collaborate with male musicians are regarded as prostitutes a treatment she said needs to be dealt with accordingly saying it may scare away potential female artists.

The artist also told Zeze Kingston to control and respect himself.

“A message to Zeze Kingston let’s respect each other whilst we are all at peace, control your ends I’ll control mines too,” she added.

Earlier this week Temwah and Zeze Kingston took twitter by storm over ‘Mvetsela’ hit as fans have been debating on who benefitted much from their collaboration.

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