Local Government Ministry introduces civic education hubs


The Ministry of Local Government, Unity and Culture has introduced community level civic education hubs aimed at encouraging mindset change as Malawi seeks to become economically self-reliant by 2063.

Speaking at Traditional Authority Mwambo in Zomba, Deputy Director of Civic Education Lawrence Hussain emphasized the importance of community level civic education hubs towards mindset change for socio-economic development.

He said Mwambo hub is expected to engage community on how it should participate in wide range of community led development projects

The Deputy Director disclosed that District Council’s will play a coordinating role on community level civic education hub.

“There are some people that refuse to participate in community initiated development activities and this is why civic education hub is coming in to deal with this problem,” Hussain added.

Group Village Head Kadewere said newly introduced civic education hub at Traditional Authority Mwambo will play a crucial role in positive mindset change among people in the area so that they should participate fully in development activities.

Group Village head Kadewere therefore asked the government to fully support the civic education hub with resources that should help the hub to effectively function to bring good results.