Malawians support Brother Aidan: He never did such a disgusting thing to anyone

Brother Aidan Clohessy

Malawians who were supported by Brother Aidan of St John’s of God Centre in Mzuzu have defended the Catholic Brother, saying he never ill-treated children in Malawi but he educated them and took care of them.

This follows a statement that was released on Saturday in a local newspaper by law firm Coleman Legal asking people who attended St John’s of God Centre in Mzuzu to join a case in Ireland which could see them get for compensation for alleged sexual abuse at the hands of a Aidan.

In an interview with Malawi24, one of the beneficiaries of Brother Aidan, Robert Mbeyo, said that he is shocked and surprised with accusations that have been come out concerning Brother Aidan.

Mbeyo added that Brother Aidan supported his education from secondary to tertiary level and he has been in different institutions with financial support from the brother.

“I am living a luxurious life today all thanks to Brother Aidan. I am educated and I have a good job, the things that my family could not afford. Brother Aidan helped a lot of people, I myself know only 52 but there are many lives he touched with his financial support

“I can give you a lot of contacts of people to ask them for yourself and some of these people are living abroad because of Brother Aidan’s support. A lot of people surrounding Katoto area can be my witnesses, they were assisted in many ways and there is no other person who supported that area than brother Aidan,” he explained.

Mbeyo went on to say that people should be thankful and appreciative when someone does something good to them they should not sale a person because of money.

He added that the allegations that Brother Aidan sexually abused children are false and people were paid to spread such claims.

“I heard that they were paid to spread lies about him and one of the persons was close to brother Aidan and was living a reckless life by smoking and doing other bad behavior,” he said.

Last week, Malawi24 published a story on the Coleman Legal’s call and some Malawians who commented also showed support for Aidan. The commenters said they were supported by Aidan when they were children.

One commenter Philip Lesedi Jnr Mpofu said people who are being interviewed were never cared by Brother Aidan

“He supported more than 60 people. We are grownups now, and we have a group we still talk. None of us experienced the things. In Malawi, none of the things he is being accused of happened, I personally stayed with him at his house. Almost 9 years of being close to him, he was a father to orphans, and less privileged kids.

Another commenter, Mwangobola Drawn Revive Brampton, said God used Aidan to reach out to many underprivileged children.

“He never did such disgusting things here in Malawi. He helped many less privileged and without him some of us could not be here,” wrote Mwangobola

He then expressed concern that the claims about sexual abuse are not only tarnishing Brother Aidan’s image but also the image of even those that have been close to him and under his care.

Also commenting on the post, Banet Mwiba said: “That Brother Aidan Never never ever Abused Anyone of us. He gave us the future we are enjoying today. Am One of the Beneficiaries.”

Aidan, who is a Catholic Brother, is accused of sexually abusing children in Malawi where he worked between 1993 and 2012. The Irish press reported last year that Aidan was also set to go on trial in 2024 after being charged with indecently assaulting four boys at a school in Ireland where he was a principal.

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