Zeze Kingston, Cash Madam ‘relationship’ takes social media by storm


The alleged relationship between celebrities Zeze Kingston and Cash Madam continues to trend on social media. The ‘bombshell’ has also raised questions about the sexuality of several other celebrities in Malawi..

The news of the relationship was first shared by a local tabloid, Mikozi.

“It is confirmed that the Alamwanu Star, Zeze Kingston is now dating Dorothy Shonga”, Mikozi posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The news quickly went viral.

Scanning through the comment section uncovered a thorny issues about the sexuality of celebrities in Malawi.

However, it was clear that a majority of people commenting believe that people’s sexuality is a private matter and, therefore, not for public consumption.

Zeze Kingston, real name, Robert Ching’amba junior is pop-musician from Malawi.

Dorothy Shonga, commonly known as Cash Madam, is a socialite and influencer currently facing alleged fraud, corruption, and money laundering charges.

She was arrested in March last year along with her business partner Mr. Collins Magalasi over the MERAgate scandal.

The couple is accused of forcing the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) Internal Procurement and Disposal Committee in 2019 to award a contract worth 186 million Malawi to Vink Enterprise, a company owned Shonga.

Magalasi was CEO at MERA then.

Cash Madam is one of several celebrities that have been arrested in Africa. Most celebrities are currently arrested and wanted for fraud and money laundering, corruption, and drug trafficking.

In South Africa, a renowned aesthetician, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana was arrested in Tanzania this month charges of alleged fraud, murder, aiding and abetting her husband, Thabo Bester, a convicted rapist and murderer, escape from prison.

Dani Danielle Simba Allen and Igho Ubiribo Tiny are another celebrity couple wanted for drug trafficking in Nigeria. The couple is currently on the run.

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