SWET recognises Senior Chief Bwananyambi for her passion for girls’ education


Story Workshop Education Trust (SWET) has awarded Senior Chief Bwananyambi of Mangochi in recognition of her passion for girls’ education.

SWET awarded Bwananyambi this week at Nkumba Community  Ground where the SWET held an open day under  UNICEF funded Kankha Maphunziro, Tsogolo Labwino project to  promote quality and inclusive education among girls.

The open day also focused on factors that lead to learners dropping out of school and sought ways and means to address the trend.

SWET Acting Director,  Aaron Chaola,  called on parents to invest in child education and further urged local leaders, community level structures and school based committees to check  factors that negatively  effect girls’ education.

“Good education is key and prerequisite to brighter future,” Chaola added.

Principal Education Officer at Mangochi District Council,  Solomon Bonde, hailed SWET and its partners  for implementing a project that is meant to encourage girl’s education in Mangochi.

Bonde observed an increase school dropout among learners and called for non-state actors to complement the council’s effort in promoting child education amidst social and cultural factors that negatively affect provision of child education in the district.

Child marriage, to some extent arranged marriages and teen pregnancies are some of the factors that impinge on girls’ education in Mangochi

” I’m happy that interventions by NGOs have helped to reduce school drop outs,” added the Principal Education Office.

Representative of Senior Chief Bwananyambi who attended the open day said Senior Chief Bwananyambi has passion for child education.

“She encourages child education and it’s her wish to see many girls continue with their education,” the Senior Chief’s representative added.

He also welcomed SWET and other non-governmental organisation to work in Bwananyambi’s area to promote girls’ education.

SWET is implementing the project, Kankha Maphunziro, Tsogolo Labwino  under UNICEF funded Joint Programme on Girls  Education

The Senior Chief Bwananyambi also works closely with another organisation, Go Fund A Girl Child in promoting girls’ education in her area.

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