Dowa chief Jonasi to sit for MSCE exams this year


Jonasi Chifunilo Ndelemani, who is Senior Group Village Head under T/A Mponela, is an inspiration to fellow women as she has decided to go back to school for secondary education in form four at Mpando  Community Day Secondary School in Dowa and is ready to sit for her Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) exams this year.

In her 40s, Ndelemani could not hide her joy of going back to school despite having her own secondary school going kids and being a traditional leader.

Ndelemani said she always admire fellow women in leadership positions and said she it is shameful to see chiefs of this generation using finger when a need to sign arises.

“I admire those women in leadership positions, I want to be one of the educated female Chiefs. Finger printing is for the gone generation, this is why I decided to do my secondary school education,” said Ndelemani.

Her Deputy Headteacher, Patron Yoweli, said Ndelemani is one of the hardworking student at his school (Mpando Community Day Secondary School) considering the fact that she is a Mother, a Senior Group Village Head woman and a Student.

“If  supported by well-wishers in paying her school fees and buying her required pamphlets, Ndelemani will be a motivational for Malawi and not herself.

“She needs support, it is taking her a month to finish her School fees and she has even borrowed her examination fees which she will pay double,” said  Yoweli.

Chifunilo Ndelemani said she is fighting for good MSCE results which will enable her to go to university despite having few challenges which include her chieftaincy wrangles which forced her to be going in different at High Courts in Lilongwe defending her village.

She encouraged those who dropped out from school to emulate from her saying everyone is a leader and to lead a person needs knowledge and knowledge is power.

Sapulain Chitonde Lee

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