Woman with female and male sexual organs appeals for help


A 21-year-old woman with both female and male sexual organs in Malawi has asked for help to travel outside the country and remove the male sexual organ.

The young woman said this in an interview with the ‘The Citizen Talk Show’ on Sunday.

The young woman whose name was not identified and whose identity was not revealed, was born in Ntcheu in Central Malawi.

She has a male sexual organ which is above the female sexual organ and she also has breasts.

According to the young woman, she uses the female organ to urinate and identifies as a female.

She said when she was young, she asked her mother why she looked different from her fellow children and her mother told her that she was born that way and they tried their best but she did not get medical help.

Her mother further told her that they took her to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital to remove the male sexual organ but doctors told them that this was not possible at the time.

The 21-year-old who currently lives with female football players at a hostel in Blantyre, said she is having problems because she gets a sexual urge to sleep with female using his male sexual organ, something he does not want to do.

She added that due to this issue, she recently went to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital to get the male organ removed but she was advised that the sexual organs are matured and such kind of procedure cannot be carried out at the hospital.

According to the young woman, she was told that she will need to seek medical assistance from hospitals outside the country.

However, the young woman has no financial capacity to fund the trip and her mother is also struggling and is currently living with a relative.

She has since asked well-wishers to support her so that she can travel to get medical help.

“This is a huge challenge in my life and has taken a toll on my mental health. Sometimes, I think about ending my life because I feel I am not important.

“I appeal to people to assist me so that I can get the necessary medical help,” the young woman said.

She also revealed that though she identifies as a female person, she is forced to wear male clothes because in the past she was being abused for wearing female clothes.

During the interview, the young woman also talked about her desire to get married to a man who will accept the way she is.

Meanwhile, Malawians on social media have applauded the young woman for having the courage to speak about her condition.

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