Ndinakudyera mkazi — Episodz hit back at Riffle Dynamic: Epi draws inspiration from Chilima by repeating a Facebook post


Episodz Mw

After nearly 2 weeks, Malawi’s iconic rapper William Episodz Phoya has finally hit back at his arch nemesis Riffle Dynamic with a studio-shattering claim.

In his response, Phoya claims that Riffle is as good as his kid in the rap game that he can hardly pull up his pants.

“Chabwino ndinu a Riffle koma mulibe zipolopolo (Off course you are a Riffle but you don’t have Bullets) Pull your pants up son ukuonesa nkolokolo (You are exposing your buttocks),” raps Phoya.

He goes on to claim that Dynamic cannot write his own verses as per claim, and he once paid him for a feature.

In his diss song which was aimed at William, Riffle claims that the Soche Hill Secondary School alumni depends on ghost writers.

The diss comes after followers of Malawi’s urban music’s comparison between the two. A majority believes Riffle and Episodz are two sides of the same coin.

True to their respective followers claims, the two rappers deliver in a way that makes them indistinguishable in terms of vocal and lyrical output.

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