Repairs at Nkula completed — EGENCO


Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) says it has completed the repairs which led to the shutdown of Nkula B Power Station and blackouts lasting over 17 hours a day.

The maintenance works of a damaged bypass pipe at Nkula B Power Station began on December 15 and were scheduled to be completed on December 19 2022.

However, EGENCO has said in a statement today that the works have been completed ahead of time.

“As at 12:13pm today four machines were back online and we expect to have all the five machines [including the one which broke down on 5th December 2022 because of the problem] to be back online by the end of today. This means 100 Megawatts will be restored to the national grid,” reads part of the statement.

The company since thanked its employees for working around the clock to complete the works and restore power.

The repair works saw some areas in Malawi having blackouts for more than 20 hours a day.

Since January this year, people in the country have been experiencing blackouts lasting eight hours a day following damage at Kapichira Power Station.

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